About Us

In 1955, the Village of Delta purchased 23 acres establishing the “Delta Municipal Park.” At the time, Delta, OH was home to one of the largest chicken hatcheries in the area, as well as multiple chicken finishing farms. Needing to raise money for the new park, in 1956, Aetna Grange members grilled 900 locally harvested chicken halves over an open pit right on Main street! An astonishing $2,600 dollars was raised and thus began the Delta Chicken Festival. In 1959, the money raised was used to build the pool. Since then, the Delta Chicken Festival remains an annual tradition and chicken halves are still grilled to raise money for the park. Even though our town has changed, our sense of community remains strong. Join us at the Delta Chicken Festival and enjoy good food, friends, music, and of course, good chicken! We hope to see you there!